Data Stream

Powerful blockchain data infrastructure that combines fetching and aggregation of on-chain data with an efficient data storage and reliable data delivery.
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Efficiently fetch, decode, compute, store and deliver blockchain data from genesis block to real-time.


Extract a comprehensive set of metrics, aggregate data and compute analytics from any underlying blockchain.


Access data via entreprise-grade APIs and data lakes, offering tailored and secure storage solutions for data delivery.


Each component of the infrastructure is reusable as a standalone module, making it easy to combine and update them. It makes the deployment of new features faster and enables infrastructure scalability and resilience.


Allows our data infrastructure to adapt to your changing business needs, ensuring that data is efficiently delivered to meet your requirements.


Designed to withstand failures and disruptions, our infrastructure ensures the availability, reliability and security of critical data resources for your business. For blockchain data, we rely on multiple sources, mitigating the risk of failure of data provision.


Fetch and decode all the raw data available on blockchains. Provide access to blocks, transactions, execution logs & traces, and decoded protocol events, thanks to fast parsing capabilities. Get a complete protocol indexing in 24h.


Extract meaningful metrics from blockchain data such as asset prices, pool events or wallet balances. This data comes with the finest granularity possible (by event) or with specific hourly and daily aggregations, enabling a faster processing of the data and better readability for dashboards.


Process enriched data to compute analytics offering a comprehensive view that facilitates seamless tracking and monitoring of blockchain transactions, yielding improved accuracy and actionable insights for users.

Data Warehouse

Deliver all the data into a customizable cloud-based Data Warehouse, allowing analysis of substantial amounts of data. Offer enhanced security features, ensuring that data is stored and processed in a secure environment, while also complying with regulatory requirements.


Provide API endpoints to get access to data, built on top of GraphQL standard, for both historical and real-time data. All raw data and computed data points are available through those endpoints, enabling a fast integration to any real-time data dashboard.

Data as a Service

Provide data on-demand, allowing users to conveniently access data without having to handle its storage, management or processing. This reduces overhead costs, streamlines workflows, and simplifies the process of accessing data.

Nuant Quantitative System

Discover the other products included in the Nuant Quantitative System.

Integrated environment

Based on Visual Studio Code, Nuant web-based Integrated Environment enables developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy data-intensive applications and analytics leveraging blockchain data.

Quantitative Layer

Manage risks and optimize the performance of your DeFi Strategies.

Reduce your operational risk

Make better-informed investment decisions and improve your portfolio performance with our real-time analytics and insights, powered by our on-chain and market data service.