Portfolio Management System

Reduce risk and maximize your returns with our unified real-time dashboard.
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Frictionless Connectivity

Easily integrate all your exchange accounts, wallets and custody solutions in just a few clicks.

Real-time and historical market data

View real-time metrics, analytics and insights to monitor the performance of your assets over time and make better-informed investment decisions.
Maximize your investment potential in the crypto asset economy with our institutional-grade portfolio management solutions.
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Track your transactions and positions

Access all your historical transactions in one single view.
Monitor your positions across all your asset venues on our dashboard.

Full DeFi integration

Stay on top of your DeFi game. Whether you're staking, lending, or providing liquidity to a pool, our platform gives you a comprehensive overview of all your positions, including current position balance, yield, rewards, and more.

Manage multiple portfolios

Effortlessly set up and manage your fund structure and portfolios. Create individual crypto portfolios with customizable access.

Improved Exposure Management

Efficiently group your crypto assets by accounts, sectors, network, or asset type to evaluate your portfolio exposure and performance.

Maximize your Alpha

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