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Integration Nuant
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Can I create & monitor custom analytics and models in Nuant?

Yes, Nuant’s Data Science infrastructure allows a Fund to combine Nuant’s data with 3rd party data to create, backtest & implement custom models and analytics all within a single homogeneous infrastructure and experience to uncover patterns, trends, metrics and analytics to deliver a competitive edge.

Is market (off-chain) data included?

Yes, Nuant provides all real-time market data and metrics such as reference prices, volume, volatility, market cap, sector and asset type to name just a few. This allows Nuant to calculate analytics such as portfolio value, exposure, sector risk, price and volume changes to give you all the metrics and analytics needed to actively manage your portfolios.

Is on-chain data included?

Yes, we provide all on-chain data, metrics and insights from supported Blockchains, fully curated and delivered into your Nuant dashboard, based on the assets in your portfolio.

How do I connect my exchange accounts and wallets to get a portfolio view?

It is very simple. Just add one or multiple wallet addresses and/or exchange account keys to any portfolio and Nuant will do the rest by retrieving current asset holdings across each location in real-time and combining them with market and on-chain data, metrics and analytics you need to professionally manage your portfolios.

Which crypto asset storage locations are supported?

We are committed to implementing an assertive integration approach that accommodates all primary crypto asset storage options, including exchange and broker accounts, custodial and non-custodial wallets, as well as institutional custody solutions. Please review our comprehensive list of integration partners, and feel free to reach out to us with requests for additional integrations.

Can I trial Nuant and how much does a trial cost?

Yes, we will provide white-glove customer support for a 2-week trial period including on-boarding, training and user documentation. We do not charge for the trial period.

For whom has Nuant been built for?

Nuant has been built for institutions who need to actively monitor, measure and manage their Digital Asset Portfolios within one single platform to ensure they manage risk and uncover opportunities, irrespective of the location of their assets.