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Advanced Analytics and AI-Driven Decision Framework for Comprehensive Risk and Asset Management in DeFi and CeFi
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Enhance your financial strategies development with our AI-driven simulation engine, meticulously designed for in-depth risk analysis of DeFi protocols, enabling informed and strategic decision-making in decentralized finance.

AI-Powered Strategy Design and Optimization

Develop and continually refine your investment strategies, enhancing their performance in DeFi.

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Backtesting

Assess risks in real-time and validate strategies against historical data.

Customizable Scenario Modeling

Experiment with different market scenarios to better prepare for and adapt to future market shifts

Comprehensive Cross-Protocol Analysis

Dive into the interactions between various DeFi protocols to inform and improve your investment decisions.

Navigate risk with confidence. Our AI-driven tools provide you with comprehensive risk analysis and advanced metrics, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. Whether you’re seeking to mitigate or leverage risk, our system empowers you with clear, actionable insights for your financial strategies in decentralized finance.

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Information Ratio Widget
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Cumulative Profit & Loss Widget
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Move away from Excel and save time on data reconciliations and in-house developments. Monitor all your exchange accounts, wallets, and positions all-in-one place.

DeFi, CeFi and TradFi connectivity

Tap into a broad connectivity layer across the entire DeFi, CeFi, and TradFi ecosystems, and forget about toggling between multiple platforms.

Multi-Asset Classes Compatibility

From spot and derivatives to DeFi, Public & Private Equity, SAFT, SAFE — track all assets in one comprehensive view.

Real-Time Portfolio Valuation

Instantly access and analyze your portfolio's performance from the outset of your activity, guiding smarter investment decisions over time.

Enhanced Trade Module

Save time and streamline operations by moving and swapping liquidity across 20+ chains directly within Nuant. Experience the ease of a unified tool.

Made for Institutions

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Institutional-grade data
“Since 2021 we have been looking for an institutional quality Portfolio Management System and Nuant has delivered the quality product we have been seeking.”
Max W.
COO at Runa Digital Assets

Simplify Your Crypto Tracking and Risk Analysis with Nuant.

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Everything in the Standard Plan
Derivatives Positions Tracking
Equity Positions Tracking
SAFT and SAFE Positions Tracking
Risk Analytics
Portfolio Back-tests and Rebalancing
Everything in the Pro Plan
DeFi Strategy Simulations
DeFi Strategy Back-tests
Integrated Development Environment

Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself

Is it compatible with CeFi and DeFi?

Yes. Nuant enables you to monitor all your holdings, positions, and transactions across over 30 CeFi exchanges, 400+ DeFi protocols, and 65+ blockchains.
See all our counterparty integrations

Is enterprise support available?

Yes. We offer specific support to meet all your requirements. Our support team is at your service 24/7 to assist you in maximizing the full potential of Nuant.

Can I link my bank accounts?

Currently, we offer a custom holding feature that allows you to manually add various types of assets and transactions. We are working to introduce bank account connectivity shortly.

What scenarios can I test with the simulator?

The simulator offers limitless possibilities. For instance, you can evaluate how your portfolio would have responded to past market events like the 2020 halving or the FTX crash. In DeFi, simulate borrow/swap/deposit scenarios, mimicking real-world behaviors and long-term user interactions, among others.

How user-friendly is it?

We adhere to the highest standards of UI design, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience. We're confident it surpasses anything you’ve encountered before.

Can I monitor multiple strategies or portfolios?

Yes. Nuant enables the creation and monitoring of an unlimited number of portfolios, each with its distinct strategy.

What analytics are provided?

We provide comprehensive analytics that blend traditional financial metrics with the digital asset space, ensuring a professional-grade portfolio and risk management. We continuously introduce new analytics. Here's a preview of our offerings: exposure, profit & loss, portfolio composition, mark-to-market valuation, annualized return, volatility, max drawdown, excess return, beta, price correlation, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio, and Calmar ratio, among others.