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A passionate and talented team of builders, doers and thinkers, looking to inspire and develop the future of finance.

What we are looking for

We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about innovation, driven by a desire to make a difference and thrive in a collaborative & dynamic team-based environment. Join us as we work to bridge the gap between the old and new financial systems, providing our customers with the best innovative technology and solutions to help them achieve their goals efficiently.

Life at Nuant

We believe that creating a positive and fulfilling work environment is essential to our success. Our commitment is to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, personal growth and well-being. If you are looking for a dynamic and supportive work environment where you can make a real impact, Nuant may be a perfect fit for you. Join us and discover the many benefits of life at Nuant.

Questions you might be asking yourself

How can I apply for a job at Nuant?

You can view and apply for our current job openings here on our careers page. Simply select the position you are interested in and submit your application online. Our HR team will review your application and contact you if you meet the qualifications for the role. Alternatively, you can submit a spontaneous application via the provided link located below our open positions.

What kind of job opportunities do you offer?

We are a Fintech company, so we are always looking for developers. However, we do offer a wide range of job opportunities across different functions and departments such as product, sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and human resources.

What is the company culture like?

Our company culture is based on collaboration, fairness, tolerance, respect, innovation and personal growth. We value diversity and strive to create a supportive, inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

What is your recruitment process like?

Our recruitment process typically involves an initial screening of applications, followed by a first interview with the HR team and a second with the hiring manager. Depending on the position, candidates may also be asked to complete a skill assessment or participate in a job-related exercise.

Do you offer internships or entry-level positions?

Yes, we do offer internships and entry-level positions for candidates who are just starting their careers or who are looking to gain more experience in their field. As we do not advertise such roles, we encourage you to submit a spontaneous application if you would be interested to work with Nuant.

What kind of benefits do you offer to your employees?

Although we are still a startup, we do offer a range of benefits to ensure you feel comfortable and productive. We provide all our employees with a new Apple laptop and offer remote office flexibility, a competitive compensation structure, regular team-building activities and company events. We strive to create the perfect dynamic and supportive work atmosphere for you to be able to make a real impact.