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Monitor All Your Investments

We consolidate every asset into one unified dashboard.
Dashboard Nuant

Navigating web3 investments can be complex, with a myriad of asset types scattered across various platforms, blockchains, and protocols. Getting a clear overview in such a diverse landscape, is time-consuming. Nuant saves you time, so you can focus on alpha.

No More Blind Spots. We Support Everything

Nuant unifies your investments, whether they're in your wallets, on exchanges, protocols, and even beyond with manual entries.
Dashboard Nuant
Monitor Reading Nuant

Monitor Every Trading Activity

Whether you’re trading spot, derivatives, TradFi or DeFi products, we’ve got you covered with 100 000+ instruments available.

Keep An Eye On Your Equity Investments

Monitor your investments in Web3 companies, whether they're in stocks, private equity, SAFE, or SAFT. We keep track of vesting and help you claim your tokens.
Equity Investments Nuant
Complex Fund Structures Nuant

From Simple to Complex Fund Structures

Reconstruct your fund structure to gain the flexibility to oversee everything from a single perspective or delve deeper on a more detailed level.

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