Nuant Quantitative System

Modern quantitative analytics, risk management and research system for decentralized finance.
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Integrated Environment (IE)

Based on Visual Studio Code, Nuant's web-based Integrated Environment enables developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy data-intensive applications and analytics leveraging blockchain data.

Quantitative Framework (QF)

Manage risks and optimize performance of your Defi Strategies.

Data Stream (DS)

A powerful blockchain data infrastructure that combines fetching and aggregation of various sources of on-chain data with an efficient data storage and reliable data delivery.

Economic risk: the silent menace

Less covered than other risk vectors, economic risk represents most of the daily losses in DeFi due to MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) types and Impermanent Loss to name but a few.

Risk in DeFi


Intrinsic Protocol Risk

Intrinsic DeFi protocol risk is a form of smart contract risk that is based on the default behaviour of a DeFi protocol under certain market conditions such as DeFi lending liquidations or slippage in AMM pools.


Exogenous Protocol Risk

Exogenous DeFi protocol risk is a form of smart contract risk that is based on exploiting vulnerabilities in DeFi protocols, such as Oracle manipulations.


Governance Risk

Governance risks describe exposure to manipulation in DeFi governance votes, such as whale governance manipulations.


Blockchain Risk

Underlying blockchain risk describes the dependencies of DeFi protocols in L1 and L2 blockchain runtimes, such as consensus performance degradation.


Market Risk

DeFi market risk describes situations in which DeFi investments are vulnerable to specific market conditions, such as Impermanent Loss or Liquidation Outflows. 

How can DeFi risks be mitigated?

1/ Economic risk 

Running market scenarios to protect protocols and their users against economic system exploits. 

2/ Regulatory risk

Clear, discernable governmental regulations and compliance with new and existing regulations.

3/ Governance risk 

Efficient consensus / DAO structure (community voting), automated protocol management.

4/ Security risk

Smart contracts risk, oracles manipulation and software risks can be handled by security audit companies.

Discover our end-to-end Quantitative System

Integrated environment

Combines various tools and features into a single, unified platform for coding, debugging, and testing.
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Data stream

Raw data, event level granularity, balances, transactions & market data.
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Quantitative Framework

Manage risks of protocols and optimize performance of your DeFi strategies.
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Reduce your operational risk

Make better-informed investment decisions and improve your portfolio performance with our real-time analytics and insights, powered by our on-chain and market data service.