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Stop wasting time on tedious tasks and focus on alpha generation. Transform your portfolio management approach today.
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Seamlessly aggregate all your holdings

Still using Excel or Google Sheets? Save hours of manual data management and reconciliation effort by easily integrating your wallets and exchange accounts into a real-time portfolio view.

Track real-time portfolio performance

Monitor and track your portfolio performance in real-time with our built-in metrics and analytics.
Maximize your investment potential in the crypto asset economy with our institutional-grade portfolio management solutions.
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Manage your portfolio risk exposure

Minimize your portfolio risk exposure and maximize your returns with Nuant’s integrated risk metrics, analytics and insights.

Stay ahead: monitor liquidity and market trends

Get a detailed view of each individual crypto asset or group of assets in your portfolio. Easily evaluate how they are performing and assess their contribution to your overall portfolio performance.

Reduce your operational risk

Improve your portfolio performance with real-time analytics and insights, powered by our on-chain and market data service.

Maximize your Alpha

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