Integrated environment

Based on Visual Studio Code, Nuant's web-based Integrated Environment enables developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy data-intensive applications and analytics leveraging blockchain data.
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Developers, data engineers and data scientists can all use the IDE as a single source of truth, enabling rapid access to consistent data and reducing the complexity of building AI/ML pipelines on top of NQS.


By automating testing through streamlined workflows, development teams are able to release builds more frequently and more reliably than the manual processes still prevalent in traditional tools.


Continuously deploy batch or streaming prediction models as jobs in production environments, leveraging the computing power of highly scalable clusters based on Apache Spark.

Onboard Faster

Reduces onboarding complexity by providing ready-to-use environments tailored for building applications on top of NQS.

Remove friction

Our workspaces guarantee an identical developer experience for all developers, on any machine. All you need is a browser and a secure internet connection
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Increase security

Helps you stay in control of your resources thanks to isolated environments while protecting your enterprise assets from malicious attacks.

We provide a secured storage for your data, models, pipelines, quantitative models, in private workspaces that are supporting intensive data and AI workloads.

Our automated CI-CD workflows to help you build, test, and release features to production with no risk

Enable collaboration

Your teams can work on individual workspaces or collaborate on the same workspaces in real-time
Write your SQL queries easily thanks to Nuant’s advanced SQL editor, supporting syntax validation, schema navigation, live validation, and much more
Templatize the query, insert your variable expressions between double curly brackets {{}}, wrap the query in a custom DSL function
The custom DSL function is automatically added to the global scope, it is ready for execution from any DSL file or notebook
Supports the integration and the execution of external functions and proprietary libraries written in Python
Integrated with custom notebooks achieving bidirectional interoperability between Python and DSL cells
Language Server Protocol (LSP) compliant, which makes the DSL editors easily portable to other web applications and IDEs
Full-blown editor support, including syntax highlighting, syntax and semantic validation, content assist, and documentation

Nuant Quantitative System

Integrated Environment is part of Nuant Quantitative System. Discover the other products included in the offering.

Data Stream

A powerful blockchain data infrastructure that combines fetching and aggregation of various sources of onchain data with an efficient data storage and reliable data delivery

Quantitative Layer

Manage risks and optimize performance of your Defi Strategies.

Reduce your operational risk

Make better-informed investment decisions and improve your portfolio performance with our real-time analytics and insights, powered by our on-chain and market data service.