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Product Updates
June 25, 2024
2 min

Nuant Expands Network Support with Algorand Integration

Nuant Expands Network Support with Algorand Integration

Nuant is excited to announce that Algorand has been added to the growing list of integrated networks on its digital assets platform. In the dynamic world of Web3, Algorand has emerged as a powerhouse and Nuant is thrilled to offer this fast-growing network to its clients.

The Algorand blockchain enables DeFi applications to operate at a tremendous scale, with low transaction costs, and with a negligible carbon footprint. Algorand's appeal lies in its ability to facilitate rapid and secure transactions with minimal fees. As a result, the blockchain has gained prominence across diverse sectors, from finance to supply chain management. The growing network of Algorand attests to its reliability and adaptability, making it a favoured choice for a wide range of applications.

“Nuant is thrilled to integrate Algorand into our comprehensive ecosystem of crypto counterparties using our technology. This collaboration underscores our commitment to working with the ecosystem's leading blockchains and providing our clients with unparalleled coverage in managing their digital assets.”said Rachid Ajaja, Founder and CEO of Nuant.

“It's exciting to witness Nuant harnessing the power of Algorand in their portfolio management solution. This integration not only highlights the growth of the Algorand blockchain but also signifies a step forward in providing robust and efficient solutions for managing digital assets,” added John Woods, Chief Technology Officer, Algorand Foundation.

You can learn more about Nuant’s portfolio and risk management solutions by requesting a demo here.

Léo Carli
Updated on
June 25, 2024