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Product Updates
June 25, 2024
3 minutes

Nuant's Enhanced Crypto Portfolio Overview: A Deep Dive

Nuant's Enhanced Crypto Portfolio Overview: A Deep Dive

4 new Widgets, 1 upgraded

We've been hard at work creating four brand new widgets and updating one, all aimed at enhancing the performance assessment of your crypto portfolio. Dive into these enhancements, available not only for your global portfolio but also for each of your individual portfolio overviews.

PnL Widget

PnL widget animation

This widget shows daily, monthly and cumulative PnL progress. For instance, you can effortlessly observe how your crypto portfolio performed over a specific timeframe by simply zooming in or hovering over a particular date to access both PnL and cumulative PnL values. An easy way to assess how investment decisions and market fluctuations impact your performance.

Exposure Widget

Exposure Widget Animation

Introducing a new widget that powerfully assesses crypto portfolio exposure to help you mitigate risk. It enables cross-referencing between two dimensions, such as sector, asset, account, portfolio, or even network - essential for risk management in crypto investment.

For instance, you can visualize your exposure across different crypto wallets and see your exposure for each asset within those accounts.

Whether you're tracking exposure across sectors or assets the Exposure Widget provides the insights you need to effectively assess risk and optimize your crypto portfolio.

Portfolio composition

Portfolio composition widget

Get the evolution of your crypto portfolio's composition by sector, assets, or across all your portfolios.

For instance, you can see how your portfolio's balance has shifted between different assets or sectors over time. Historical portfolio composition provides invaluable guidance when making decisions to rebalance.

Cumulative PNL Widget

Cumulative PnL Widget

This widget gives a detailed breakdown of your cumulative PnL for more accurate evaluation. Instead of just a global cumulative PnL, you can now delve into specifics with metrics such as cumulative PnL by sector, cumulative PnL by asset, and cumulative PnL by portfolio. Granular reporting gives a fuller perspective of investment performance.

Example: By monitoring how your investments in particular sectors have developed over time, you can gain valuable insight into which sectors have yielded the greatest returns, helping identify your most lucrative investments for future investment decisions - acting like a financial compass to point the way!

Enhanced Mark to Market Widget

Mark to market widget

Mark to Market widget has also been upgraded, making it even more accurate and useful. Now, you can easily view the mark to market for each portfolio directly from your global portfolio page. Additionally, tracking deposits and withdrawals over time has become more transparent, with a distinct line differentiating these "operational" activities from "trading" activities.

Other refinements

Updated PnL Calculation and Display

We have made great strides toward accuracy in our PnL calculation by eliminating deposits/withdrawals' impact on its calculation; now providing more precise reflection of performance results.

Also, you can now see your PnL in two forms (in value or in percentage) by just clicking on it, like this:

PnL animation

CSV export available

While you'll appreciate visualizing your data on the Nuant Dashboard, we recognize that you might want to integrate it into your internal reports or other tools for deeper analysis. Therefore, you can now directly export data from the PnL and Mark to Market widgets in CSV format.

Export CSV animation

Final Thoughts

We're working hard to create the best portfolio management platform for crypto, and we hope you share our excitement for these enhancements. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us (X or Linkedin). We're always looking to improve our solution even further!

Léo Carli
Updated on
June 25, 2024