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Product Updates
June 25, 2024
2 min

Nuant Boosts Nexera's On-Chain Limit Order Evolution on Arbitrum

Nuant Boosts Nexera's On-Chain Limit Order Evolution on Arbitrum

Nexera Exchange, powered by AllianceBlock, represents the future of decentralized trading, and at the heart of its recent innovations is Nuant's advanced data infrastructure. By harnessing the power of our infrastructure, Nexera Exchange now boasts a fully on-chain limit order book, setting new standards for decentralized exchanges (DEX) globally.

Today's traders demand solutions that balance decentralized agility with the kind of robust technological foundations previously limited to centralized exchanges (CEXs). Nexera Exchange has answered that call. Central to its transformative capabilities is our meticulously designed data infrastructure, serving as the backbone for seamless, secure, and sophisticated trading experiences.

Leveraging Nuant’s cutting-edge technology, Nexera’s limit orders address two critical challenges that other Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) face

> Firstly, they provide access to real-time data without lag, a feat currently unattainable due to inherent block processing times. In the context of on-chain limit orders, delays can lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies, as no data indexer can process the four blocks per second generated on Arbitrum swiftly enough to ensure optimal functionality for on-chain limit orders.

> Secondly, Nexera optimizes cost-effectiveness by operating on the Arbitrum layer, which significantly reduces the traditionally high gas costs associated with Ethereum, particularly when processing numerous on-chain limit orders. The incorporation of Nuant’s technology is pivotal in this innovation, enabling Nexera to overcome limitations and set a new standard in the DeFi space. For more details check here.

Delving Into Nuant's Infrastructure

> Multichain Connectivity:
Our system interacts in real-time with major blockchains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base, ensuring comprehensive and instant DEX oversight.

> High-speed Data Transmission: Utilizing the Server Side Event (SSE) protocol, we guarantee immediate data updates with latency under 100ms. This efficiency is rooted in our commitment to an optimized microservices infrastructure.

> End-to-End Endpoint Solutions: From initiating to concluding orders and everything in-between, both in REST and SSE formats, we provide a broad spectrum of data access. Users can delve into real-time and archival data, from price trajectories to liquidity statuses and beyond.

Our collaboration with AllianceBlock represents a strategic synergy, aimed at tapping into the vast potential of DeFi through advanced data infrastructure. Through Nexera Exchange, users benefit from enhanced control, transparency, and security. This highlights the critical role of on-chain limit orders, made possible by Nuant's technological expertise.

Importantly, the merger of AllianceBlock's on-chain limit order book protocol with Nuant's rapid data infrastructure isn't confined to Nexera Exchange. Any DEX can adopt this innovative solution. By leveraging this combined framework, DEXs can seamlessly introduce a robust on-chain limit order book, optimizing their trading platforms with increased data-driven efficiency.

As we look to the future, our partnership with AllianceBlock reaffirms Nuant's commitment to innovation. Our aim is to persistently evolve and positively influence the DeFi landscape, ensuring superior trading experiences for users worldwide.

Rachid Ajaja
Updated on
June 25, 2024