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Press Release
June 25, 2024
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Nuant Joins the OpenWealth Association

Nuant Joins the OpenWealth Association

Nuant Joins the OpenWealth Association, Contributing to Enhanced Digital Assets Risk Management in Swiss Banking, WealthTech, and Traditional Finance.

We are excited to announce Nuant's recent inclusion in the Swiss OpenWealth Association, a collective of esteemed traditional finance players including Credit Suisse, LGT, VP Bank, and leading WealthTech firms such as Assetmax and InvestSuite. This strategic partnership marks a significant advancement in digital assets investment risk management in Switzerland's financial sector.

The OpenWealth Association is committed to defining, maintaining, and implementing open Application Programming Interface (API) standards for the global wealth management community, facilitating smoother financial data exchange between institutions.

Nuant, as a key player in the CeDeFi space, offers advanced risk management tools for institutional investors in digital assets. Our inclusion in this influential group underscores the growing interest in digital assets among traditional financial institutions and reflects our commitment to integrating DeFi insights into mainstream finance.

Switzerland's financial sector, renowned for its strength and innovation, stands to gain significantly from this collaboration. Nuant contributes its technology and deep expertise in digital assets risk management, addressing the complexities of today's diverse investment landscape.

“Joining the Open Wealth Association marks a milestone for Nuant. We're eager to share our knowledge and also learn from pioneers in the global financial system. Educating new institutional players about managing risks in digital asset investments is vital for understanding the potential of this emerging asset class. We're thrilled to collaborate with remarkable individuals to drive innovation, partnership, and the broader integration of DeFi and web3 in the finance industry." Rachid Ajaja - Founder & CEO of Nuant

In union with the OpenWealth Association, Nuant is set to enhance Switzerland's position as a global leader in advanced financial services and risk management in the digital asset space.

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June 25, 2024