With digital asset investments growing and regulations evolving, professionals seek efficiency. Nuant steps in with a unified platform that not only saves time in data aggregation but also provides crystal-clear insights into investment exposure, aiding in swift and informed decision-making.

Our Features

Portfolio Management

- DeFi, CeFi and TradFi coverage → see all
- Multi-asset class connectivity (Spot, DeFi, Derivatives, Equity)
- Complex investments capabilities (SAFT, SAFE and OTC)
- Portfolio performances monitoring (PnL, Cumulative PnL, Mark to market, and more)
- Near Real-time data updates
- Chain bridging and token swapping
- Reporting

Risk Management

- Advanced risk metrics (Sharpe, Sortino, Max drawdown, VaR, and many more)
- Custom alerts on portfolio dynamics

Intuitive Interface

- Highest standards of UI design
- Clean views with no noise
- Sleek Design

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