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Nuant is the integrated solution for institutional professionals to support their digital asset portfolio management, research and data intelligence needs. Our integrated Portfolio analytics platform, powered by our market data and on-chain data services, is built on a set of advanced capabilities, each of which have been specifically developed to address an institutional manager’s Digital Asset portfolio analytics and decision-support needs.

Portfolio Management

Save hours of manual data management and reconciliation effort by seamlessly integrating your wallets and exchange accounts into a real-time portfolio view.

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Digital Asset Intelligence

Reduce costs and operational risks associated with purchasing & integrating multiple data feeds for on-chain and market data portfolio monitoring.

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Research & Selection

Understand which tokens, projects or wallets are non-compliant or fraudulent during the investment research and due diligence process.

Ecosystem integrations are the key to successful portfolio intelligence

Seamlessly combine your exchange accounts and wallets with our on-chain and market data service to bring you real-time analytics and insights to make better-informed investment decisions.


Nuant provides you with a real-time portfolio overview of all your assets, irrespective of the number of exchange accounts, on-chain and custodial wallet sources in which they are stored.

Integrated Data

To help your fund make timely investment decisions in Digital Assets, Nuant automatically delivers its curated market and on-chain data, metrics and insights right into the heart of your portfolio management process. Ensure you are always on top of the sources of risk and opportunity with comprehensive real time in-depth metrics and analytics.

Supported Digital Assets
Centralized Exchanges
Years of Historical Data
Analytics & Metrics
Active Blockchains

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